Vortex Plumbing and Gas is a leading provider of boiler installation, boiler repairs, heating services, and plumbing and heating maintenance in Dudley. With our years of experience, our trustworthy team of gas and heating engineers in the field was able to provide our customers with reliable services that they can count on.

We are highly trained to handle all types of boilers, from traditional models to modern energy-efficient systems. We strive to ensure your satisfaction by providing quality workmanship at competitive prices. Whether you need a new installation or repairs on an existing system, Vortex Plumbing and Gas has the skills and resources necessary for any job.

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Your Go-To Gas and Heating Engineers in Dudley

At Vortex, heating engineers are certified gas-safe registered, and accredited by the major suppliers and manufacturers of combi and gas boilers, and heating systems. Our local engineers also participate in training courses and seminars that keep them updated with the latest technologies and industry standards.

Property owners in Dudley have the access to quality boiler repair, boiler installation, heating services, boiler replacement, and other central heating system services. We also provide free expert advice on the best type of central heating system for your home or business.

  •  Gas-safe registered engineers
  •  Comprehensive design and installation services
  •  Competitive Pricing
  •  Energy-efficient combi and gas boiler supply
  •  Offers 10-year guarantee on boilers (Terms & Conditions apply)
  •  All work conducted meets current safety standards & regulations
  •  Works with Highly-recommended boiler manufacturers and suppliers



Highly-trusted Boiler Repairs in Dudley

One of the most common issues that your existing boiler might encounter is a faulty pilot light. This problem necessitates boiler repair or replacement from fully qualified professionals. It occurs when a small flame inside the boiler is either not lit or not functioning properly. As a result, the burners are unable to heat up and generate hot water, leading to cold showers and poor heating in general. Boiler problems should be dealt with as soon as possible by an experienced professional.

Vortex is a team of dedicated gas-safe engineers who are committed to providing top-notch local boiler repairs at a good price for boiler repairs and replacement in Dudley and other surrounding areas. Boiler service from Vortex comes with assessments and advice on what brand or type is the best for your replacement boiler or underfloor heating systems. 

Our heating engineers also offer a free two-year labour guarantee on our annual and regular boiler services, underfloor and central heating service, and boiler installation in Dudley.

  •  10-year boiler manufacturer’s warranty
  •  Price-match promise
  • 24/7 contact support
  •  Same-day response
  •  12-month service guarantee
  •  Full documentation of service provided

Benefits of Boiler Installation and Regular Boiler Maintenance

Providing a boiler and heating system for your home comes with regular boiler servicing to ensure your efficiency and comfort. Working with professional heating engineers ensures that your system is running efficiently, while also reducing the risk of breakdowns or malfunctions. Additionally, regular maintenance helps extend the life of your boiler and keeps it operating at peak performance for longer periods of time.

With the right kind of boiler installation, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency while also reducing your monthly bills. Modern and new boiler systems are quiet and efficient, reducing your monthly electric bill by up to 40% yearly. With a brand new boiler in your Dudley home, providing consistent heat throughout your entire house is accessible without compromising bad emissions to the Earth’s atmosphere. In addition to this, they require minimal maintenance over time, meaning that you can enjoy worry-free heating year after year.

Brands We Work With

A glance at our partner brands that are surely the perfect solution to your heating needs.