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Boiler Servicing

Are you in need of a boiler service? From installation, repair, and replacement, whatever it is, we can help you with that. We offer combi and gas boiler service, and repairs all at affordable prices! Get your boiler service from our team of experts in Birmingham, Staffordshire, Midland, and Dudley. We will ensure that your current system is operating at its peak performance. We understand that getting your boiler serviced regularly can be expensive, so we want to help prolong its life through regular maintenance and repairs.

Gas Boiler Service

A regular gas boiler is a conventional heating which includes gas appliances such as tanks and hot water cylinders. The tank is full of cold water which is then delivered down to the boiler when it needs to be heated. In order to keep the house warm, a gas boiler pumps around the central heating system. Since conventional gas boiler stores hot water, it shouldn’t be a problem if your boiler breaks down. Moreover, servicing gas boilers is much cheaper than combi boilers.

Combi Boilers

Combination Boiler is a combination of a water heater and central heating boiler system in one single unit. It eliminates the need for storage. Basically, combi boilers only heat the water you use which is why there is no need for a cold water tank or hot water cylinders.

oil boiler service by a qualified engineer

Do I Need an Annual Service for My Boiler?

Annual service can be expensive, but so is getting boiler repairs from time-to-time because you chose to skip maintenance. Having a boiler is an investment, hence, the cost of maintaining also comes at a price. Boiler maintenance comes with regular servicing for safety checks that keep them from boiler breakdowns that result in costly repairs. Why do you need to get your boiler serviced regularly?

• Avoid carbon monoxide and explosions

• Maintain your warranty’s validity

• Decrease energy costs

• Comply with local safety laws

• Better energy efficiency and reliability

How Much Does Boiler Service Cost?

There are two main gas boiler servicing schemes: the first is the annual boiler service and the second is the one-off boiler service. Boiling servicing from Vortex starts from £80. This annual service includes maintaining your boiler by regularly checking your system. It can be on a monthly or weekly basis depending on your needs. On the other hand, the one-off service costs anywhere from $00 to $000. This service means that you will only pay whenever you need it.

What Our Boiler Service Includes

Here at Vortex – Plumbing and Gas, we know that it is important to get your money’s worth. After all, boiler service can be expensive. Here are some of the services that we include as part of our boiler services.

Gas Safe Registered Engineer

Regular inspections and maintenance: Our team of skilled gas-safe registered engineers will perform regular inspections and maintenance on your boiler to ensure it is running efficiently and safely.

• Repairs and replacements: If something goes wrong with your boiler, we’ll be there to fix it. If a repair isn’t possible, we’ll provide you with a replacement unit at no additional cost.

• 24/7 support: We’re available to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have about your boiler, day or night.

By choosing Vortex – Plumbing and Gas for your boiler cover, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting top-quality service and protection. Contact us today to learn more about our boiler cover packages and to get a quote.